Individual Headhunting

  • Q.I would like to change jobs through headhunting. What kind of help can I get?
    Simply register your personal resume on our website, and if it matches the conditions for personnel requested by a company, we make the recommendation for you. Of course, we will contact you prior to the recommendation. In addition, if you check the recruiting information on HRKorea and also directly apply to the position you desire, you can receive the necessary services more quickly.
  • Q.Can you recommend me to the company that I want?
    Our headhunting service for individuals is an indirect recommendation method. Rather than recommending you directly to the company at which you wish to work, we propose positions according to the recommendation suitability whenever a company in your desired industry requests recruiting.
  • Q.What is the cost of changing jobs through headhunting?
    All expenses related to recruitment through headhunting will be borne by the company. No financial request is made to individuals.
  • Q.In which industry does HRKorea specialize?
    HRKorea makes recommendations in many different industries from consumer goods, ICT, and finance to construction, consulting, manufacturing, and bio. In each of these areas, professional consultants are actively working in a system of professional divisions.
  • Q.Can I trust HRKorea in terms of protection of my private information (leakage of resume, etc.)?
    Every year, HRKorea conducts training for all of its employees on the major content and precautions regarding the Personal Information Protection Act. We also regard the protection of private information as an absolute principle by which we abide, conducting meticulous maintenance of security. You therefore have no need to worry about potential external leaks of your personal resume or application details.